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Unique Character Tut 4- Anthro by dimensionten Unique Character Tut 4- Anthro by dimensionten
Part 0 - Introduction: [link]
Part 1: Face (1) - [link]
Part 2: Face (2) - [link]
Part 3: Body - [link]
Some anthro sea life: [link]

Re-edit: Here's a helpful link for drawing different looking anthro faces:
This guy did some of the same stuff for anthro that I did for human faces.

Edit: OKAY OKAY anthropomorphism. I may go back and fix the text later.

Maybe I should have named this part anthro and fantasy, because I also go into mythological characters that sometimes can't really count as anthro unless you change them from what they're originally supposed to be.

For the fox faces, I chose an animal that's typically drawn a lot in DA's anthro community to show that you can still give your character original features even if you choose a commonly drawn species. :icontracyjb: did a fantastic job of this with Lackadaisy Cats, for instance.


Some extra tips:

-Have an image in mind of what your character would look like as a human, and blend these traits in with the animal traits. (Choose facial features, body type, hair. See the rest of this tutorial.)

-Use reference photos of the animal you're working with. For my three fox faces I used three different fox references and guess what, they all have different faces! Don't forget that animals of the same species don't all look the same.

-Try to blend the expressions of your chosen animal with human expressions.
(Ex: feline expressions - [link] )

-Use various animals for inspiration for your humanoid characters as well as your anthro characters. You can even make up your own animals/parts of animals e.g. a new type of wings.


I was going to draw an anthro stick insect, but it's already been done. (A Bug's Life)

Old Man Computer was last drawn in 2001:
Haw haw, he has a floppy disk drive. xD

I used a jillion references in this tutorial:
[link] - general bacteria
[link] - blue green bacteria
[link] - Chinese lantern (flower)
[link] - Chinese lantern (leaves)
[link] - Candy Striped Leaf Hopper by Barcon53
[link] - female dobsonfly
[link] - dobsonfly underside
[link] - medieval and ancient monsters
[link] - Wikipedia article on manticores
[link] - Flat headed cat
[link] - Flat headed cat (with tail)
[link] - Brussels Griffon
[link] - Brussels Griffon (American Kennel Club)
[link] - red fox 1
[link] - red fox 2
[link] - red fox 3
[link] - Ichneumon wasp
[link] - Thoth

Thanks :iconitssnowing: for the Chinese Lantern suggestion, and thanks Clara for the wasp suggestion. <3
Teela-B Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
I'm just posting on this one, but I think this whole series was cool! Character design fascinates me, so it's nice to see other people share the interest. :D I'm definitely going to look over part 2 again, I liked your nose references.
dimensionten Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
Thanks! The noses were my favorite part. xD <3

Really the whole reason I made this tutorial was because characters that all look exactly the same except for the hair and the colors annoy the crap out of me and I didn't want to have to repeat myself a jillion times. Writing this was also a great learning exercise. It made me think about my own character designs more and broadened my horizons the more I thought about it. It's a lot easier to find variations when you're actually looking for them.
Teela-B Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010
Yeah, I can't stand when characters don't have relatively unique character designs (I'm trying to tweak mine as I learn more). If the plot or character writing is good enough, I'll let it slide, but I prefer strong character design.
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